Our coffee is handpicked at its ripest; this is referred to as cherry. After picking, the beans are placed in water to remove the floaters. This is done to ensure no hollow beans make it to the roaster.

The beans are then put through a machine called a Pulper. The pulper removes the red outer skin from the beans. The beans are then soaked overnight in water after which they are spread out on a platform called a hoshidana, with UV protection cover, to dry.

Once the beans are dried they still have a layer of husk, called parchment. The parchment is left on, and the beans are bagged and stored in a temperature controlled room until they are ready to be sorted and roasted.

When we are ready to roast, the parchment is removed by our milling machine and the green beans are then hand sorted. Sorting is done to remove any broken beans and "fingernails". These beans are then ready to be roasted. We always roast to order ensuring that you will receive the freshest most flavorful pure Kona Coffee available.

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